Technoplex Clean-up Day

Technoplex Clean-Up Day

19th Oct 2019 was a memorable Saturday for Mi Technovation. This date marked another milestone for our completion of the meaningful CSR program, namely “Technoplex Clean-Up Day”.

A total of 115 participants in 10 groups from the community of Mi Group of companies attended the event. Despite the hot sunny day, all participants worked towards the same direction to complete the assigned tasks without fail.

All participants put in effort and strategized to complete the cleaning, weeding, repainting of road curb and segregating of the trash into recyclable, non-recyclable and compost category. Our team work on the day was commendable! Road curb repainting was the toughest task of that day. However, the team has completed the repainting of approximately 4KM length of road curb much earlier than our expected completion time!

As the saying goes…
Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much…
Let’s keep up the Good Team Spirit and further contribute in our next CSR!

Team briefing & heading to work hard

Technoplex Clean-up Day Technoplex Clean-up DayTechnoplex Clean-up DayTechnoplex Clean-up Day

Before & After Clean-up & Repainting work

Technoplex Clean-up DayTechnoplex Clean-up DayTechnoplex Clean-up DayTechnoplex Clean-up Day