Quit Smoking Talk

Mi Technovation always supports and encourages the awareness of healthy lifestyle among the employees. As one of the initiatives, we had successfully organized a talk “Let’s START to Quit Smoking” on 15th November 2019 to spread the awareness of bad smoking habits.

The talk was collaborated with Penang Adventist Hospital, and was given by Dr. Edward Nathan, a Public Health doctor with specializations in Preventive Medicine. A lot of beneficial information was delivered to all participants through the talk. Door gifts such as nicotine gum and nicotine patch are given as well. The talk extensively covered topics like how to motivate smokers to quit smoking, risk of smoking, side effects of smoking, the similarity of Vape and Cigarettes and Impact on 2nd hand smoke. It was indeed a meaningful talk that attracted the existing smokers among the employees as well as those employees with family members who are smokers.

As the saying goes “Your craving is temporary but the damage to your lungs is permanent“, we hope this small initiative can be a kickstart step for smokers to stop smoking.