Home 1 in Lush Greenery

At Mi Technovation, we are always committed to bring greener and more sustainable environment for the future generations.

With the tireless effort of our gardeners, several species of plants and flowers could be seen surrounding our Home 1 building, including the blooming Muraya and flourishing Palm Trees and Bonsai lining up at the foyer. Beautiful planter boxes are filled with multi-colour Bougainvillea at each level of Home 1 building while the outdoor Sky Oasis is filled with different types of hand-picked flowers such as Roses and some thorny cactus. The hanging gardens at each level are planted with colourful tropical flowers and green plants.

Lively fishponds are well maintained at our Sky Oasis restaurant as well as outdoor area of our CEO office. The colourful freshwater fish in the ponds and all the lavishly grown plants and flowers will always cheer our days and create a relaxing & comfortable working environment for the employees.

We strive to maintain lush greenery at Home 1.

We Look after our Home 1, our Environment, our Future…