Healthy Body Healthy Life

Health Body Composition Program

The “Health Body Composition Program” was initiated in August 2019. The objective is to upkeep the healthy body weights among our employees through balance diets and regular exercise to prevent the risk of chronic disease. This program was kicked start with body composition measurement by a professional nutritionist from BP Lab. All employees are allocated a slot on nutrition consultation during the event carried out from 28 August 2019 to 30 August 2019. Besides, we have appointed fitness instructor that provide personal guidance for all employees on the workout tips and balance diet in order to achieve ideal weight and stay healthy.

To encourage on-going weight management initiative, the company has prepared the motivation token for employees as rewards.

Healthier life must be carried on with regular exercise and balanced nutrition. Keep it up!

“You will never regret working out… You will always regret when you don’t…”