Health Body Composition Program

Health Body Composition Program

 Health Body Composition Program

The “Health Body Composition Program” was initiated in August 2019. The objective is to upkeep the healthy body weights among our employees through balance diets and regular exercise to prevent the risk of chronic disease. This program was kicked start with body composition measurement by a professional nutritionist from BP Lab. All employees are allocated a slot on nutrition consultation during the event carried out from 28 August 2019 to 30 August 2019. Besides, we have appointed fitness instructor that provide personal guidance for all employees on the workout tips and balance diet in order to achieve ideal weight and stay healthy.

To encourage on-going weight management initiative, the company has prepared the motivation token for employees as rewards.

Healthier life must be carried on with regular exercise and balanced nutrition. Keep it up!

“You will never regret working out… You will always regret when you don’t…”

Sports Complex & Gym Facilities Opening

We are excited to launch the Home 1 Sports Complex and Gym Facilities on 19th July 2019 with a “Celebration of Sports” event. In conjunction with the event, all employees reported work with “Sports Attire” on the day. To mark this special event and celebration, we have lined up a series of sport’s fun activities, such as Friendly Match, Wellness Dance, and Gym activities with overwhelming participation.

The event was started with an opening speech and basketball toast by the CEO. Employees were then took part at the program that they had previously enrolled and the event ended by 7pm with light refreshment served. Everyone was impressed and get excited with the facilities available, cheers!

Home 1 Soft Opening

Mi Equipment's new factory Soft Opening Ceremony was held on 28th June 2019. This is a rare and special occasion which marked a 'moment in time'. All employee from Mi Technovation and its Malaysian-based subsidiaries have joined and witnessed this memorable event.

Our CEO has given speech and shared with us the 10-year road-map and transformation of Mi Technovation Group. This is the launch of a new chapter for us. The next 10 years will be exciting, as we carry out our blueprint and embark on our new journey.

Again, congratulations on our brand new factory, Home 1. Let's treasure our new space and celebrate the move together.

Team Building at The Top

On 9th March 2019, Annual Team Building event was held for Engineering, Vision Team at The Top, Komtar. Employee were divided into five groups with each group is required to go through distinct station games and cooperate well with each other in order to complete the assigned mission.

In the appreciation of the employee, team building brings motivation and improve communication among each other. Simultaneously, team building also help to enhance the working relationship and bonding which create the sense of looking out for each other and helps to bring trust among the team. Team building provided the opportunity to learn about each other and grow respect for each other in a fun environment.

Chinese New Year Get-Together

In conjunction with the upcoming festive season, we have organized the pre-Chinese New Year celebration with all colleagues on 28th Jan 2019. The event started with a welcoming speech by Mr. Koay, our Executive Director who has also led the crowd to kick start the 'Lou Sheng' ceremony that has marked a meaningful and joyful session of the day.

A great cheer went up from the crowd with auspicious wishes that had successfully warmed up the atmosphere with new year vibes together with Chinese New Year music.