Home 1 in Lush Greenery

At Mi Technovation, we are always committed to bring greener and more sustainable environment for the future generations.

With the tireless effort of our gardeners, several species of plants and flowers could be seen surrounding our Home 1 building, including the blooming Muraya and flourishing Palm Trees and Bonsai lining up at the foyer. Beautiful planter boxes are filled with multi-colour Bougainvillea at each level of Home 1 building while the outdoor Sky Oasis is filled with different types of hand-picked flowers such as Roses and some thorny cactus. The hanging gardens at each level are planted with colourful tropical flowers and green plants.

Lively fishponds are well maintained at our Sky Oasis restaurant as well as outdoor area of our CEO office. The colourful freshwater fish in the ponds and all the lavishly grown plants and flowers will always cheer our days and create a relaxing & comfortable working environment for the employees.

We strive to maintain lush greenery at Home 1.

We Look after our Home 1, our Environment, our Future…

Recycle for Life 2020

A CSR Program that Reduces Waste & Giving Back to Community

On 25th November 2020, Mi Technovation organized a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program namely “Recycle for Life”. This recycling programs came with the objective to enhance employees' practice in 3R activities (reduce, reuse & recycle) as well as to help less the fortunate persons regardless of race, religion and descent. All the funds & items collected from this recycle program will be donate to Eden Handicap Center, a non-profit organization.

On the event day, many employees had participated in this program, by donating the reusable & recycle items such as newspaper, books, magazine, used clothes/shoes, used electrical appliances and computers.

On 22nd December 2020 before the Christmas Day, a few of our HR colleagues visited Eden Handicap Service Centre for a simple yet meaningful Christmas celebration with their members. Surprised gifts were sent to them which included Christmas goodies bags, gloves, face mask and lunch boxes filled with delicious home cooked meal and dessert prepared by Sky Oasis kitchen crew. This unexpected act of kindness brought them joy and happiness during this festive season.

Before leaving, a mock cheque of RM20,000 was handed-over to the representative of Eden Handicap Service Centre. This donation fund will be used for refurnishing their kitchen, which was used to prepare meals for 100 over pax of disability members in the community.

Mock cheque giving ceremony and donation of face mask & glove during this Covid-19 pandemic

Contribution During Movement Control Order (MCO)

Contribution During Movement Control Order

1st June 2020 was a meaningful day for Mi Technovation. To enhance the awareness of CSR, Mi Technovation have supported a project called the “Computer Equipment Donation to Needy Students” by donating 13 laptops and 2 desktops to Vaidurya Buddhist Lodge.

The Donation Campaign is aiming to support those needy students for their home-based learning during the Malaysia Movement Control Order (MCO) period. Besides lending a helping hand to the needy students, this is also to show our care for 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) initiative.

Technoplex Clean-up Day

Technoplex Clean-Up Day

19th Oct 2019 was a memorable Saturday for Mi Technovation. This date marked another milestone for our completion of the meaningful CSR program, namely “Technoplex Clean-Up Day”.

A total of 115 participants in 10 groups from the community of Mi Group of companies attended the event. Despite the hot sunny day, all participants worked towards the same direction to complete the assigned tasks without fail.

All participants put in effort and strategized to complete the cleaning, weeding, repainting of road curb and segregating of the trash into recyclable, non-recyclable and compost category. Our team work on the day was commendable! Road curb repainting was the toughest task of that day. However, the team has completed the repainting of approximately 4KM length of road curb much earlier than our expected completion time!

As the saying goes…
Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much…
Let’s keep up the Good Team Spirit and further contribute in our next CSR!

Team briefing & heading to work hard

Technoplex Clean-up Day Technoplex Clean-up DayTechnoplex Clean-up DayTechnoplex Clean-up Day

Before & After Clean-up & Repainting work

Technoplex Clean-up DayTechnoplex Clean-up DayTechnoplex Clean-up DayTechnoplex Clean-up Day

STEM “STEP-UP” project

Contribution to STEM “STEP-UP” Project

As part of the initiative to give back to the community, Mi Technovation have supported a meaningful CSR project called the STEP-UP program. This is a collaboration between Penang STEM Sdn Bhd, and Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah Timur Laut, PPDTL (District Education Department under the State Education Department).

The STEP-UP program is aiming to inspire the lower secondary students in pursuing higher education and career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Mi Technovation is adopting schools and sponsoring the workshops and programs conducted by Penang STEM centers through a cash contribution for 15 months’ period from September 2019 to December 2020.

Protecting Ecosystem through Mangrove Planting Program

In line with our Corporate Social Responsibility program initiative, a group of volunteered employees have joined Mangrove Tree Planting Program at Sungai Acheh, Nibong Tebal on 27th October 2018. Employees successfully planted 100 mangrove saplings to demonstrate environmental caring and contributing towards better environmental protection. This meaningful program was participated by employees from various department which lead to improving team spirit besides protecting the planet and it’s ecosystem.

Kindness In Giving Creates Love

8th February 2018, in line with our Corporate Social Responsibility program initiative, a small group of employees has visited the Rumah Charis, a non-profit welfare organization housed with 27 senior citizens aged ranging from 60 to 90 years old.

The team has brought with them some groceries as an expressions of our good deeds for the seniors. In conjunction with the Chinese New Year festive season, we have also arranged the Ang Pau distribution session that have successfully painted smile on their wrinkly yet amiable face. Ms Ong Tee Ni has represented the company to handover our donation to the Rumah Charis with group photo before ended the visit.

Society Engagement

In January 2018, our subsidiary, Mi Equipment  has make another milestone for Corporate Social Responsibility program, where our representative Ms. Yong has represented the company to handover the financial aid to 3 respective non-profit organization as below:


Penang Cheshire Home

  • Home for Disable People.

Eden Handicap Service Centre Bhd.

  • Home for Disable People.

Gan En Zhi Jia Bhd.

  • Home for Senior Citizens