We are proud to be part of Mi Technovation Berhad.


We are a leading semiconductor equipment solution provider specializing in Advanced Die Sorting & Taping,
Vision Inspection, Precision Die Bonding and Wafer KGD & Final Test Solutions.


Under the Semiconductor Equipment Business Unit, we have strong global presence with world class R&D centers
and manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Korea as well as sales networks covering Southeast Asia, North America and Europe.



Our Vision & Mission

Mi Equipment’s mission is to enhance the success of our clients within the semiconductor value chain
by providing cost efficient solutions with innovative and reliable products. We achieve this by:-

  • Listening
  • Design experience coupled with our process knowledge
  • On-going product improvement
  • Improvement of internal processes
  • New process introduction
  • Continuous Research and Development

We strive to be the preferred global Solutions Provider of semiconductor manufacturing equipment for the semiconductor industry.



Our Philosophy

Our success is based on 2 key factors:

1. Human Capital Resources

  • Strong emphasis placed on our selective hiring practice.
  • Higher level of compensation to attract and maintain our staff.
  • Engineers are Process Driven and Empowered to be creative.
  • Allows positive implementation of management strategies.
  • Valuable, unique, and difficult to imitate resources provide the basis for our Competitive Advantage.

2.Valuable Customers

  • Our Process Driven approach provides Value Added to your process.
  • Improved process, translate to higher yields and increased profits.
  • Increased customer earnings means increased Mi Equipment’s earnings.
  • Provide Long Term business relationships.



Our Values

A key element in our success will be our code of behavior, the Values of which we believe in, to build the strength of our organization.
This code of behavior will energize ourselves, leading change and driving performance.


Explore new ideas and be creative not only in machine designs, but in our overall approach to the market place.


Not a vision for the future, it’s a quest for growth.


Solve problems quickly and efficiently, for our customers and ourselves.


A call to action that engages our unceasing curiosity, our passion and drive to be the first in everything that we do.








Our Journey

We have matured over the years and will continue to charter our growth towards providing advanced solutions
to meet the ever-growing demands of the market to ensure our stakeholders, namely the Customers, Shareholders,
Suppliers and Employees are aligned to our corporate values.

2007 - 2009
  • R&D in Die Processing Equipment
  • R&D in Die Sorting
  • Invented Rotary Concept Die Sorting
  • Started ESCA series
2010 - 2011
  • 1st Major customer in US
  • WLCSP 5S inspection & Die Level Test
2012 - 2013
  • Expanded market to China & Taiwan
  • Established operation base in Suzhou
  • Invented Mi Series High-Speed Die Sorting & Testing with integrated Laser Marking & Testing
  • Expanded sales & service team in Taiwan
2016 - 2017
  • Established office in San Diego
  • Invented Si Series (Hard Docking Test)
  • Invented Li Series (Wafer to Wafer Sorting)
  • Invented Die Sorting with IR capability
  • Mi Technovation Group IPO in Malaysia
2019 - 2020
  • New HQ Home & expanded production capacity
  • Setup engineering team in Taiwan
  • Commenced engineering centre in Korea for Ai-series
  • Major Mi series expansion in Korea market
2021 H1
  • New Factory in Suzhou China
  • Ai series ZLAB Introduced in market
  • Mi series EMI solution started for 5G Products
  • 1st Integrated Smart Factory System Introduced
  • SEBU Established
2021 H2
  • New Factory Expansion in Korea
  • Taiwan localized Vi series manufacturing
  • Mi series EMI solution started for 5G Products
  • Introduced high accuracy wafer reconstruction Mi series for FOWLP